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Anne Clinard Barnhill

Author's Spotlight: Anne Clinard Barnhill


Anne Clinard Barnhill is a writer whose debut novel, AT THE MERCY OF THE QUEEN, is forthcoming from St. Martin's Press. She is also author of WHAT YOU LONG FOR (short story collection, Main Street Rag Publications, 2009) and AT HOME IN THE LAND OF OZ: Autism, My Sister and Me (memoir, Jessica Kingsley Publisher, 2007).

Ms. Barnhill minored in history and has always loved the stories not told, the ones left to the imagination. She is a rabid fan of Tudor England but also has interest in Arthurian Britain, the American Civil War, ancient Greece as well as biblical history.

When not writing, she enjoys dancing, playing piano and reading. She and her husband of 33 years have great fun with their grandchildren--from jumping on the trampoline to playing hide-and-seek!

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